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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Congress Tinkering with Telangana again

Hyderabad, June 26: In their hurry to settle the Telangana issue, the Congress has begun tinkering with the issue once again, disturbing the peace in the state. Its leakages to the press about its thoughts about giving a package and giving Rayala Telangana are going to disturb the state politics again. 
After simmering with disturbances for years together, the state is coming back to normalcy and the emotions are coming down. The atmosphere to find a peaceful solution is emerging and it would be imprudent to disturb the atmosphere, but Congress is doing the same. 

The ruling party is eager to put the party on the track in the Telangana region and is aiming to win majority seats in the region. It also wants to gain maximum number of districts in the Panchayat Raj elections. So it is hurrying to take a decision. 

It has thought that either creation of Rayala Telangana or giving package would satisfy the Telangana region. However both the offers were being rejected by the Telangana leaders and TRS activists. Still the Congress is toying with these ideas. 

In fact, right now there is no solution for the Telangana issue, since it is not clear on whose side, the Telangana people are. Before taking a decision, Congress has to wait and see what would be the opinion of the people of the region and the LB elections are a good opportunity. 

The LB election results will tell the mood of the people of the region and will give an opportunity to come to a decision. They will tell whether their yearning for the state is an emotional one or a real intention. Congress can come to a decision by knowing the results. 

But the Congress high command is in a hurry to come to a decision and is moving forward with tinkering with the issue. Its deliberate leakages to the media about a possible decision is again disturbing the atmosphere in the both regions of the state. 

At the same time it may defer with the decision and may not go for local body elections and may wait for the general elections to come. But this strategy will do no good to the party and to the state. It would be prudent to go for the LB elections and to know the mood of the people. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Vijayasanthi may Fight with KCR

Hyderabad, June 25: If the indications from Telangana Rashtra Samithi MP and leader Vijayasanthi's camp are correct, the lady Amitabh Bachchan is going to fight with her own party president K Chandrasekhara Rao in the coming elections.
Both of them are yearning to contest from Medak parliamentary constituency from which Vijayasanthi is representing the present Lok Sabha. TRS president K Chandrasekhara Rao has decided to contest from that seat in the next elections and is asking Vijayasanthi to shift to some other constituency. 

But Vijayasanthi is not inclined toward the proposal and she is determined to contest from there. At the same time Chandrasekhara Rao is also particular from contesting there. So this has caused a rivalry between them and if one of them did not go back, we may see a battle between them. 

Chandrasekhara Rao has contested for Lok Sabha from Mahaboob Nagar parliamentary constituency in the last elections and won with little majority. Now he is not willing to contest from there since he has doubts on winning the seat. From there N Janardhan Reddy is going to contest for Lok Sabha on behalf of BJP. 

TRS president is looking for a safe seat and is opting for Medak. Since there are no strong candidates from either Congress, Telugu Desam and BJP, he is sure that will win from there with a good majority. In the case of KCR majority matters rather than a win. 

Medak being his own district, he is of the view that it would be better to contest from there than taking chances by contesting from other constituencies. So he has asked Medak MP Vijayasanthi to choose other constituency to contest. 

Vijayasanthi too has her apprehensions and is not ready to vacate Medak in favour of KCR. She has nurtured good relations with that constituency and is confident of winning from there for the second term. So both are going to lock horns in the Medak arena. 

Vijayasanthi is ready to quit TRS if she is not given the Medak seat. She may join the Congress and may contest from there. If KCR too opts to contest from there, there are ample chances of a elections clash between both of them. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

T Congress No to Telangana Package

Hyderabad, June 24: In order to keep their agenda alive, Telangana Congress leaders are opposing announcement of Telangana package and putting spokes in the wheel. Few leaders who have gone to Delhi have urged the high command not to go with the package.
Congress high command, particularly party vice president Rahul Gandhi is eager to put a fullstop to the Telangana issue. He has asked his deputies to prepare a policy to address the issue as early as possible. In turn his deputies have proposed announcement of package to the region. 

Even chief minister and other Seemandhra leaders are preferring the Telangana package formula in a hope that it will end the agitation and satisfy the people of the region. They are of the opinion that it will divert the attention of the people from the agitation. 

The Congress high command is eager to implement the Telangana package as early as possible so that the state party can save its position in the region. The high command leaders want to implement the package before the local body elections so that it can test the implementation. 

However, this has become a sore point for many leaders of the Congress and as well as Telangana Rashtra Samithi leaders. These leaders did not want the movement to die down. They want that the movement shall be alive so that they can leverage its potentiality. 

Telangana Rashtra Samithi has already opposed the Telangana package formula and is ready to take up movement if it is being implemented. Though Congress leaders are not making open statements opposing the package they are sulking about in silence. 

T Congress leaders like P Govardhan Reddy and others are virtually warning the high command about the ill consequences of the package. Few leaders have gone to Delhi to warn the high command about the package are trying to bully the leaders at Delhi. 

These leaders are of the opinion that if the package is implemented and the people accept it, the movement will subside and they will lose a weapon to budge the chief minister and high command. They are fearing that the package may damage their interests. 

Even Telangana Rashtra Samithi is fearing about the Telangana package and is of the opinion that if the people accept it, that will spell doom for it. So it is opposing the package and is pressing the Congress leaders also to oppose it. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Telangana Congress Deserting Jana Reddy

Hyderabad, June 21: Even though Congress senior leader and Panchayat Raj minister K Jana Reddy is trying to bring Telangana Congress together, his efforts are not getting enough support. Legislators and MPs of the region of Congress are not willing to work under him. 
The efforts to hold a meeting of the Telangana Congress by Jana Reddy fall flat as the legislators and leaders are not inclined toward it. The proposed grand meeting of the T leaders on 30 of this month has become a non starter and has failed to take off. 

Jana Reddy who is leading the T-forum in the state Congress is striving hard to get the T-leaders, legislators and workers together to bring pressure on the party high command. He is trying to see to it that Telangana would be delivered by the Congress. 

The Panchayati Raj minister is trying to show to the people that he is a true crusader for Telangana. He has begun campaign for Telangana within the Congress, when the Center has went back on the December 9, 2009 announcement on Telangana. 

Along with several leaders Jana Reddy found the Telangana Political Joint Action committee. However, he disassociated from that and is working with the T leaders of Congress. He led the party representatives to Delhi several times and met the high command. 

Jana Reddy is using the T sentiment to achieve different goals. He want to be center of the attraction in the party and also a Telangana leader. By keeping himself in the center of attraction he is hoping to get chief ministership whenever there is a chance. 

By being a Telangana leader he is ready to lay claim for the chief minister post of Telangana state, if formed. He want to earn the name of Telangana champion in the Congress and is trying to leverage the sentiment in the region. He is upping the ante in the movement. 

Jana Reddy is of the opinion that Center may announce Telangana state by the time of elections and is trying to stay in the first place to stake his claim. Another idea the minister is having in his mind is if Center did not announce Telangana state can use his image as fighter of Telangana to assure his political future.

Unfortunately Telangana Congress leaders are not buying his words and are going back on lending the support. These leaders did not want to earn the wrath of the high command and chief minister Kirankumar Reddy. So how far Jana can achieve his goals is to be seen. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

No Role for Balakrishna in Telugu Desam!

Hyderabad, June 20: As he was asked to play only second fiddle for the party president N Chandrababu Naidu, film star Balakrishna is not involving in the Telugu Desam party affairs, much to the chagrin of his followers and fans in the state. 
After the Mahanadu of the party in the last month, Balakrishna is not seen in the TD activities and he is looking after his film career. At the same time the party is not also taking up any activity as the legislators are busy in the Assembly affairs. 

Party president Chandrababu Naidu is touring US and is expected to come back next week. Party will concentrate on the public activities only after he returns. After his return Naidu may take up bus tour in the state as a follow up to his Vastunna Meekosam tour. 

However, TD has to face the local body elections in the next month. Party has to win the Panchayats, Mandals and Zilla Parishads in a big way. But it would be interesting to see whether Balakrishna would be involved in the campaign activity or not.

TD has to take up some mass programs before venturing into the LB elections and it has to galvanise the people against the government so that it can get sizable number of seats. There is a need to take up a program as a follow up to the VM program. 

Party may use Balakrishna and can stir up the people. With a huge mass following the film star may create some positive atmosphere for the party. His campaign will also act as a catalyst in the party workers and leaders who are aspiring to win the LB polls. 

Why no role for Balaiah

Interestingly Balakrishna is not given any position in the party leadership. Still the film star is working as an ordinary worker. He was not given any position in the party because his brother Harikrishna is a member of the party politburo and he may not be moved from that position. 

Balakrishna may not get entry into the top brass of the TD until Harikrishna vacates the position. Naidu did not want two heirs of NTR in the politburo at a time. He may wait till Harikrishna vacates the position. Till then Balakrishna may have to wait. 

But his fans and followers are in a confusion over his position in the party. Balaiah's fans are hoping that he will get a good position in the party and will call shots in the party affairs. They may have to wait for some more time for that. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Telangana Package in Congress Mind

Hyderabad, June 19: In order to check the TRS which is on the aggression in the Telangana and causing chill in the spine, the Congress has unleashed the package weapon again. It is believing that a hefty package would placate the people of the region and would daunt the T-party.

The high command leaders are finalising the items of the package and it may be announced in the next 10 days time. Congress is offering the package to the region to gain an upper hand over TRS. The package is an initiative of chief minister Kirankumar Reddy. 

Chief minister is of the opinion that it would be better to go to the local body elections after placating the T-people. If satisfied with the package, people will vote in a big way to the party and party can gain an upper hand on the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. 

However, if Telangana people did not endorse the package and if they did not vote for the Congress and support TRS, party will take stock of the situation and would come up with some other ideas to improve the party's prospects in the region. 

Chief minister Kiran is a worried lot person about the T issue. He is of the opinion that unless the Telangana problem is not resolved it will not be possible to win the next elections. He wants that the state shall remain united and Congress shall win the next elections. 

So he has brought the package offer to the fore and is going to experiment with it. If the experiment gives good result, he can move on to the next elections with confidence. A good result in the local body elections will also strengthen his position in the party. 

Though he was not interested to hold the elections to the local bodies, there is lot of pressure on him for that. Leaders of the party are pressuring the high command to order chief minister to conduct the elections. So finally CM has bowed to the pressure and is now looking for a way out. 

The high command is of the opinion that it would be better to test the waters before the general elections. So it is also ready to do experiments with the T-package. It would analyse the results of the local body elections and would take next steps. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Chiranjeevi Failing in Congress Politics

Hyderabad, June 18: As he is not able to understand the Congress type of politics, film star turned politician Chiranjeevi is not able to leave an impression on the state politics. Still the star in the shadows and waiting for a turnaround in his fortunes.
Chiranjeevi had been lured into the Congress with lot of promises. Though it was not clear what deal was struck between him and the Congress leaders, it was clear that he was promised a good position in the grand old party. Probably Chiranjeevi had expected a leading role. 

However, day by day his importance in the state Congress and state politics is coming down and he is not been involved in any important activities. He has to satisfy with the union minister post and with the Rajya Sabha membership. In his portfolio he has nothing much to do and has to satisfy with foreign tours. 

In this sorry state of conditions, the film star turned politician's fans are in a deep sorrow. They have expected much from him, when Chiranjeevi announced his entry into the state politics. They have expected that their star will become chief minister of the state. 

However, Chiru failed to live up to the expectations and even was not able to become opposition leader. His gains in the elections have saved Congress than his political career.  Now he is in a position in which could not go back or move forward. 

In fact Chiranjeevi has to be blamed for that. His reluctance to take initiative in the state politics is costing him dearly. What he failed to learn in these four years is how the Congress politics run. In Congress no one asks the other to do something. Leaders have to take initiative to protect their presence. 

By accepting the Rajya Sabha membership he has already lost an opportunity. And after that he went on to contend with union minister post. This has virtually wiped out his role in the state politics. If he want to return to the state politics, has to resign to the two posts. 

So a leader who has following of about 70 lakh fans in the state is failing to leave an impression in the state politics. If he stays in the shadows for some more time will lose that strength even. 

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